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Bicycles - When choosing a bike to ride, you should consider all factors.

When choosing a bike to ride, you should consider all factors. Go Easy Online have provided the following information to help you easily determine what bike is for you. We have based the following information on our 15 years experience and independant market research. Things that you should consider include:

What type or style of bike should I buy?

Each style of bike has been designed for different purposes. There are different features that will help you decide on the style you want, but you should base this on the purpose of your intended use. Below there is a list of different styles and their key features.

Road bikes

Road bicycles are designed with speed and endurance in mind. Road bikes are light in weight and very technical in terms of gears and the necessary equipment required. The main features of road bikes are clip in pedals, a drop down handle bar causing the rider to lean forward to become more aerodynamic and no suspension for maximum conversion of energy.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are good all rounder bikes, this is because mountain bikes have been designed for versatility, they can adapt to differing conditions and terrain. Mountain bikes have extremely strong frames, they are built to last and provide comfort for the rider. The main features of a mountain bike are its suspension, shock absorbing frame and rigid tyres for better grip on dirt trails.

Single Speed or Fixie bikes

Fixie bikes are similar in design to road bikes. Single speed bikes are becoming more and more popular and they are great city bikes that are designed for easy mobility in tight streets and corners. They are best suited for flat roads as they have no gears and a fixed wheel, meaning that if the wheel is spinning then so are the pedals. The main features of a Fixie are its fixed wheel, no gears, reliability and efficiency.

BMX bikes

BMX bikes are designed for recreation, there are many different models with specific features for a diverse range of activities. BMX bikes have strong, light frames and are designed with easy mobility for tricks and jumps. There are three main styles and designs of a BMX bike, they relate to its most popular applications Jump, Race and Freestyle. The main features of a BMX bike are its high performance brakes, single gear and accessories that assist with tricks.


Low rider bicycles are similar in function to Cruiser bicycles. The geometry of the frame is designed to make the rider feel more comfortable, the seat, handlebars are ergonomically designed to suit the frame. The main difference between a cruiser and a lowrider is style, generally lowrider bicycles are more stylised and have slightly higher handle bars.

Retro bicycles

Retro bikes are all about style, fashion and practicality. They are similar in function to cruiser bikes and lowriders, the main difference being that these bikes are currently extremely popular. They also have few or only one gear for a controlled and cruisy ride. Retro bikes generally have sprung seats made wider for comfort, they also come with chain guards to protect your clothes. Retro bikes make more a comfortable and fashionable commute, or even just a ride along the beach.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes. The hybrid is built with a strong and durable frame for endurance but also has the geometry of a more comfortable bike. Hybrid bikes feature flat comfortable handlebar, large wheels, suspension forks and a comfortable seat.

Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are designed for comfort and style. The geometry of the frame is designed to make the rider feel more comfortable, the seat, handlebars are ergonomically designed to suit the frame. These bikes look great and are extremely fun to ride. The cruiser bike is best suited for on road or paved path riding they have less gears or only one gear for cruisy cycling. Cruiser bikes boast large seats, high handlebars and stylish designs.

Fold Up bikes

There is a diverse range of fold-up bikes, many with unique features and benefits. Some fold-up bicycles are meant to fold strictly for storage, while other fold-up bicycles are meant to fold compact enough to be used by the commuter on public transport. As the presence of fold-up bikes continues to grow, more and more people are discovering the benefits of fold up bikes.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are designed as a training aid for kids before they are ready to ride a bike with pedals. A balance bike will help your child become accustom to sitting on a bicycle and moving around whilst still having total control by being able to reach the ground.

Kids bikes

Kids bicycles can come in all the models listed above but are generally just designed to suit the size of children ready to ride bikes. Depending on size, some models may come with stabilisers, otherwise stabilisers can be fitted to most bicycles.

What size bicycle should I buy?

It is important to buy the right size bicycle for your physical size, getting this wrong can be dangerous, uncomfortable and can cost you money if your purchase ends up being inappropriate.

We have provided a few charts to help you determine which size bike is right for you depending on which type of bicycle you intend on buying.

What is the difference between steel and alloy?

When buying a bike you may see the same model in different materials, steel or alloy, this refers to the material the frame is constructed with. Generally steel is cheaper, if you only intend on using your bike occasionally for recreation, then steel is an acceptable material. Alloy is a far more lightweight material, it is therefore more expensive to manufacture and products assembled using alloys are higher range more expensive items. The advantages of buying a bike with an alloy frame is weight and energy conversion, if you are training and/or competing it would be advised to use an alloy frame. The advantages of a steel frame are that steel is far more hardwearing and slightly more comfortable for longer journeys, they are less likely to split and crack and it is also easier to repair in event of a crash.

Should I buy a Carbon frame?

Generally, carbon fibre frames are lighter than most other frames. The money you spend on a carbon frame will ultimately determine how much it weighs, however an expensive alternate frame could weigh less than an inexpensive carbon frame. In order to create lightweight frames, tube thickness is varied throughout the length of the tube. Tubes will be thicker in areas that are under heavy strain and thinner in areas that are not. Carbon frames currently possess the longest fatigue life of any material used in the manufacturing of bicycles today.

Scooters -When choosing the features your model comes with.

Kick scooters are becoming very popular everywhere. Powered in the same fashion as skateboards, kick scooters allow even first-time riders to weave easily down the street.

There are many retailers for scooters these days, and they all sell scooters by the same brands. We feel it's important to pick a retailer with and after sales service and that stock a good range of accessories and spare parts.

It is highly recommended that before you buy a kick scooter, you decide how often the scooter will be used, what it will be used for, and how much you want to spend on a scooter.

How much should I spend on my scooter?

Each brand of Scooter available has a similar price range. Within each brand you will find budget scooters and top end scooters. Your choice should be based around how much you will use your scooter and what you will do with it. If you are going to ride once a week for a short time, it wouldn't be appropriate to spend $400 on a scooter and vise versa

Below is a brief explanation around the price ranges for scooters today:

$0 - $50 - As a general rule this budget will cover low range kick scooters and scooters designed for kids, these scooters might lack quality aspects and features that aid you in the usage of the scooter like quality bearings and adjustable bars.

$50 - $100 - In our experience this budget will get you started. You can get a good quality scooter for general purpose. This range may get you a scooter that includes one or two features like good bearings or specialised wheels.

$100 - $200 - This budget is probably the most common. Within this range you can get a scooter that is specific for your needs. You might pick a scooter that has a certain deck and wheels, or adjustable handles and foldable bars for transport. This is the range you should use if you know you can ride a scooter and you want to make riding part of your everday life. This range will normally contain high quality scooters with high spec parts.

$200 and above - This range will cover all of the best brands, you may not get lots more for the money you spend but the scooter you get will be a popular model. Some models may have all of the features you could want, others may just be adding cost for their brand name. We advise that if you plan to shop for scooters within this budget, you should check all the features and specifications for each model and make sure you get some bang for your buck.

What size scooter should I buy?

Its important to make sure that a rider will have enough space to stand on the scooter comfortably, even during long rides. The positioning of the handlebars are also very important. When standing upon the scooter, riders must ensure that the handlebar is located in a position that is both comfortable and practical. A lot of modern models, widely available today, have feature that will allow you to adjust the height of the bars to suit the individual.

What features do I need with my scooter?

There is an array of different brands of scooter around, and each brand supply a range of different models. When choosing the features your model comes with, it is advised you keep a few things in mind. You need to decide how you intend to use the scooter, if you will use it more for transport you may wish to get a model with a bigger deck and wheels for comfort, or if you wish to hit the skate park it would be advisable that you source a model designed with that past time in mind.